AMCODD in English

Clavier d'ordinateur avec une touche représentant le drapeaux anglais. Computer keyboard with a key representing the English flag.

For those who speak English

To all our English speaking friends :

Whether you are passing through or permanently resident in the Dordogne, here is some information, which we hope will help you navigate your way in collecting your rubbish.

In recent months, the SMD3, a company made up of elected officials, is now responsible for the collection and treatment of waste in our department, and has changed its collection method, without informing the population who found themselves, basically overnight, faced with a fait accompli. In short, wherever before, there was door to door collection of bins, never far from homes, we must now travel several hundred meters or even several kilometres with our bags of waste in the boot of our cars. This system is unacceptable because it pollutes, discriminates, unfair and is unsuitable for our rural environment.

The SMD3 obliges you to register, not to benefit from a collection service since it no longer exists but to collect personal information which will allow them to make us pay dearly with the switch to the new rubbish collection fees.

Our collective of users dissatisfied with waste collection in the Dordogne was created to fight against this and keep the original method. The association is fighting for a return to the old collection system which was satisfactory for everyone and as we are aware that we must make efforts to preserve our planet we want to have better recycling with more containers of different colors so that everyone can recycle even better.